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Question About A Server I Acquired.


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about 6 months ago i got 3 Cubix ERS II. they came out of school (im guessing the upgraded) The end of life announcement was a while back not sure exactly, the main problem is i dont really know anything about them. What are they worth? are they worth money to sell or are they worthless and i should just keep them and dink around with them. im not sure the board that are in them or the processors. each of them have 6 boards in them and 6 hard drives. (6 computer in each so 18 PC's) but i figured there was someone that has used them before or knew a little about them i am interested in finding out what they are made out of. if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for you help.


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yeah i have googled it and looked though some of them but 99% of that is on the FT version.

also im trying to find information on the Cable needed to use monitor mouse and keyboard. i believe that its a 25 pin cable thats splits out to the 3.

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