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Is Ubiquiti Tough To Hack?


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I was experimenting with my wireless networks and I came across that I cant hack one of my network that has a ubquity access point. This came about while i was trying to make my accesspoint hack proof (temporary i mean). I have found out that when the accesspoint is set to use channel shifting, only ubiquity stations can see the access point and other wireless clients clients cannot. reason being it shifts up a few Mhz on different channels making it invisable to millions of wifi devices.

Airodump-ng is able to see it but cant thats all, it cannot monitor it becuase its in channel shifting mode. or the aircrack suite is also not able to do no packet injections etc.

Now how do we get pass this channel shifting of ubiquity and what type of wifi adapter to use to be able to inject packets into a ubiquity accesspoint that does channel shifting.

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