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Nokia Bootlet 3g


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What do you intend to use it for?

Well, I've never had a laptop at all so I am working with a Desktop only, and what I am mainly going to do is install Linux, not sure of what

distro, irc, surfing the web that kinda thing, pen-testing on my network that'll be soon setting up.

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Every thing will probably work on Ubuntu except (Probably) the 3G adapter. I'd Google a bit before buying any kind of 3G device and install Linux.

Yeah, I have googled it and I found people that install ubuntu with no

problems at all, and there are others that say they cant get the graphic

drivers to work. So now, I don't know if the one that has all these

problems is incompetent. This is why I am asking here to find out what

others use. Now, one of the biggest things that draw me to the nokia

booklet isn't the 3g but its how sexy it looks. I also, haven't found

anything in a small size like the nokia booklet and the look as equally

sexy. As far as laptops go, I don't think they are as mobile as a

netbook/booklet, sure they might have bigger hard drives and more ram

etc.. I am not exactly going to be gaming on this, thats what I have a desktop for.

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