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Assigned Laptop + Guardianedge Encryption=no Admin?


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My company replaced my laptop with a new Dell model. My old laptop came with Guardianedge hard drive encryption but allowed 3 logins prior to 30 hr encryption to install, so I used Hiren's bootCD, to reset Local machine Admin password no issues. Once the encryption completed, I had already blanked the local Admin account no prob!

The new laptop, came with Guardianedge already installed, Hiren's sees nothing. The OS is one of the Vista enterprise flavors. I can now only login with limited privileges in my own account.

Q1: From power up there once I enter the Guardian pw, there is a 7-10 sec pause of black screen until windows login screen occurs. Is there a tool that can work in that 7-10 sec window?

Q2: The LAN admin pw is I see IT staff punch about 6-7 characters thats it...(PW rules: one number, two non text like "%") Any tool a newbie could use that wont take 27 hrs?

thanks in advance

p293 (real newbie)

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