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So I was browsing on Xsellize and found a discussion about using a tool in Cydia called "USB Drive" To create a Virtual USB Drive and run linux. Long story short: Their way didn't work but I did this and here we go!

Step 1: On your JAIL-BROKEN iPhone or iPod touch go to Cydia and add the source:


Step 2: Create a New "Virtual Drive" and label it what ever you want (Mine was linux). Make the size suitable to your ISO.

Step 3: Enable "Drive Only" mode and reboot. This allows the drive to mount with out the "Drivers" so your BIOS will see it.

Step 4: Download your ISO(S) and Unetbootin

Step 5: Point Unetbootin to your iPhone/Pod and ISO (MIne was /dev/sdb)

Step 6: Install and reboot your computer

Step 7: Enter your boot manager (F12 on Acer) or set BIOS to boot usb first.

Step 8: Enjoy your new USB linux device!


If pictures are asked for I will post! Also This could be very nice use for KonBoot :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention this means you can make as MANY virtual drives as you want until you run out of room. So 1GB for Ubuntu 512MB for UBCD etc. Possibilities are endless :)

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