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Android Port Scanner


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Hi guys,

I've started development on a port scanner for Android. It's currently in early development stage, but works and is a useful tool to have with you on the move.

I plan on improving performance and the user-interface in future releases, but anyone who wants it can download it from here: http://www.seanobriain.com/android/Fiosru-0.5.apk

I also plan on developing a few more network tools for android, so if you think there's anything in particular that Android could do with - let me know. Would love some feedback in anycase :)


Seán "Coscair".

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I cross compiled nmap for android ... I failsause but some nmap dev is working and has a binary some pace ..

Looks like you know more about it then I do. I will be sure to refer to this post tho. Some guy is already selling the bin I made wrapped with a GUI.  It only works for IP addresses tho.. also not totaly sure if the SYN scan even works.. I never had time to test it .. as far as notes ... I just kept haking make files etc till it worked I got no idea howto reproduce it :O


thats the notes but im sure I did other hacks.. I am currently trying to get metasploit to work with android;P I got ruby but when I run it I get lib errors ...

( my notes on the bottom let me know if you have any insite )

Anyway im sure your binary is better then mine :)

PS. I an running nmap right now (OMG pwInez ! )  :) other then buying the book and making really bad binaries how can I support nmap.org ?

--- On Mon, 7/19/10, David Fifield <################> wrote:

> From: David Fifield <##############>
> Subject: Nmap for Android
> To: "Robert McCurdy" <###########>
> Cc: "Fyodor" <##############>
> Date: Monday, July 19, 2010, 7:13 PM
> Mr. McCurdy:
> I'm David Fifield, one of the developers of the Nmap
> security scanner.
> We've been talking about making a package for Android and I
> learned
> about your page at http://rmccurdy.com/stuff/G1/BINS/NMAP/NMAP FOR
> I want to invite you to help us with the development by
> sharing your
> knowledge. Most of our development coordination happens on
> the
> nmap-dev@insecure.org
> mailing list (http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/).
> Would you consider replying to the thread at
> http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2010/q2/1021, or starting
> a new one,
> sharing what you did to get Nmap to compile on Android?
> Our goal is to eventually have Android be one of our
> standard build
> platforms. We would have an Android-specific directory
> containing build
> scripts like yours, such that anyone with the proper tools
> could build
> and install it.
> When you distribute binaries, as in
> http://rmccurdy.com/stuff/G1/BINS/NMAP/NMAP.zip, please
> also be sure to
> distribute source code or an offer to provide source.
> David Fifield

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I'm not attempting to write something that is comparable to nmap - But rather, just a lightweight portscanner that offers very basic scanning functions.

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