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I am looking to buy a new Plug Computer. You know those small gadgets one can plug directly into their power socket and have the device run networking services that you would otherwise need a full computer to run 24/7? And yet they take up much less space, not to mention they draw much less power too. Neat stuff.

Okay, so far I've mostly been using wireless routers with usb ports (such as Asus Wl500gP) and OpenWRT firmware to run these services, but I feel like I need something else. Something with more than just 8 MB of flash and a few USB ports. I've poked online a bit and I came across this gadget called SheevaPlug. It seems to be pretty neat device, and they even offer versions that come with an extra eSATA port, which is most useful for connecting external hard drives for file storage. There's also GuruPlug available with extra stuff.

Basically I don't have much knowledge about these devices, and this is kind of a new territory for me. So I'd like to ask about your experience and recommendations. I've only found SheevaPlug/GuruPlug, but are there any other potentially interesting models out there? I'd like to compare the prices and functionality a bit before I decide what to buy.

Sheeva Plug: http://www.newit.co.uk/shop/categories.php

See ya!

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