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i'am new here in the board. i'am very interested in getting full root access to a computer..i tried the usb switchblade methods. (usb switchblade - hak5 wiki

first I tried the Silivrenion's Technique. First at a Windows Vista PC. There the User account control, was turned on, so that you have no chance. And if it's not on and there is no AV running, klicking in the shell menu on the new created button opens the black window, what betrays the hack.

At Windows 7 it's not possible, because they fixed the exploit.

And at Windows XP, if there is no AV running, it opens also the black window when running..

Then tried to test -=GonZor=- SwitchBlade, there, loading the payload with the Universal Customizer failed( I tried from Windows Vista). Then I tried from a Windows XP Computer, there it was able to load the payload, but after that, trying to test the new created stick, pluging into a computer running Windows Vista, the well-known window of U3 didn't start, you could just use the stick as normal drive.

What did I do wrong?

Does an AV react to -=GonZor=- SwitchBlade method?

Is there a possibility to hack a WindowsXP SP3 PC without extra Firewall, just the normal Windows Firewall, no AV over a lan network?

Sry for my bad writing, I'am from Germany.


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