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Msi Us54se Ii Rt2571wf Antenna Help...


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HI all i was woundering if i can make an external antenna for my usb adapter

Model: Msi US54SE ii

Cipset: RT2571WF


my adapter is from msi this one above in the imige is from tp-link but the circuit board is identical


PLS indicate were to make the soldering .....


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here is my best guess , (sorry if I'm wrong and I'm unsure of the impedence but I'd still use 50 OHM coax... or an antenna straight onto it) but use a multimeter and find an earth point , use the shield from the USB to locate this. This is normally the largest piece of copper and attach the earth braiding as close to the signal point that your going to attach as well - do not bridge the two - the signal point looks like it has a tiny smd capacitor accross it (maybe a resistor?) personally I'd remove this , which would detach the internal antenna (the copper coloured large track) and this would be the centre core for the coax to the antenna.

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