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Droboshare Apps On Drobo Connected To Router W/ Usb


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I have been taking a look at the DroboShare Apps, but only have a Drobo.

I've been considering connecting the Drobo to router with a USB port to gain the networking functionality , but unsure as to whether or not the DroboShare apps such as SSH/FTP/Apache will work.

Has anyone tried this? Will it work?

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Thanks for the prompt response. Wish I had enabled email responses as I just saw it.

Let me try to take this a step back:

I recently got a Dockstar running PogoPlug software.

I have a Drobo connected via USB to it.

The Dockstar is connected to a D-Link DIR-655.

I installed OpenPogo onto the Dockstar as a temporary stop gap, but refuse to install PlugBox as I have read that it is almost impossible to restore the default back onto the Dockstar. This has been confirmed by pogoplug support.

What I would love to do is fool/trick the Drobo Dashboard into thinking the Pogoplug IS a Droboshare and run the DroboApps directly on the Dockstar.

Once I've done that, I could work on adding/configuring crashplan on it as a headless system.

The other alternative, and I would love to see this be done is this:

- install a linux server distro to run directly from the USB drive

- be able to enable the vnc server for the linux server via ssh on command

- once VNC is installed, then access the headless server/system through the browser.

Presto. Instant and secure personal cloud just like g.ho.st or eyeos, but running of an arm-processor based plug computer off of a USB drive. Because once that's done, could use the java in the linux to install crashplan and drobo dashboard on the linux server and access BOTH through VNC within the browser.

Unless there is some other way to do this. The Hak5 community is the only place I can think of to get help on this.

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