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I was just wondering if anyone has been able to get a USB Multipass to boot on both Mac and PC. I've gotten GRUB to load from a USB by compiling it for EFI, but it seems that no matter how I try it, nothing can load from, or read any usb filesystems. I'll try on a newer Mac when I get the chance (mine is around 2 years old), but nothing seems to want to load.

When booting from GRUB2 from Hard Drive ls shows only (hd0,X), whereas compiling GRUB2 for EFI loads from flash drive, but ls only shows (hd0) (the flash drive), (hd1,X) (hard drive) and (cd0).

Works like a charm on PC anyway.

Thanks for all the work.

Edit: As it turns out, GRUB2 loads properly and can boot an ubuntu iso properly via loopback when using GPT partition table, and GRUB installed to an HFS+ Partition. However, almost all other other operating systems fail to load. Some cannot find the iso, even when stored on a FAT partition. Others cannot boot because the linux16 command is missing in the EFI version of GRUB2.

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