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Hacking Xbox 360

63b hacker

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While I agree with Sparda (it is piracy, and anyone who plays MW2 multilayer is a bit off), I will answer your question. In the future though please do a little reading before asking questions. This is a bit like asking, "Is there any way i can hot wire my parents car using spoon? I left the keys at my brother's place!"

The short answer is 'No'

The long answer is, yes but its not exactly a 'copy disc image to external USB drive and run.'


a ) Older Xbox 360 w/Exploitable Kernel

b ) JTAG mod chip/kit

c ) Hacked dashboard installed

I won't go into detail on how to do any of the above, google can help you with that, but if you're looking to get into Xbox hacking I'd suggest starting by modding an Xbox1. It is much simpler and will get you familiar with some of the skills required to do the more advanced mods (JTAG/etc) the 360. Below are some links to get you started.

Xbox Scene

Hacking the Xbox by Andrew Huang a.k.a. 'Bunnie'

Llamma Mods

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