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Dim Lights On Fon

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Well after taking this to the Engineering Dept, It looks like I burnt out on the circuit board U907. It is next to the power port and it looks like it take the in power down to 3.5v. It is a 10 pin chip with the text 7E774, 1412D.

The Fon is on regular power.

I am looking for a new FON + or 2.0 G. Any one has one, please let me know. Also I am in search for the chip make/model because I have access to machines to replace fried circuits. (I work for an electronic manufacturing company.

This has turned into the project. Also if I can't get any FON's stateside, I may order to one of our international sites and ship over to the states since FON only sells the N to US ip addresses.

This is where I think I am right now. Any comments/ suggestions are appreciated.

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