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Pineapple Webif Webpage. Brakes everything.

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Well it is not bricked yet. So, No sweat.

My questions are...

Is the Webif website "suppose to' work?

Or should I say F-that and do everything from the shell?

Should I reinstall naserl and webif and jasager ? That would work right?

I'm thinking I'll just start clearing config files and reinstalling stuff. Kind of build it backup from the ground up. I got to just tare it all down, build it all up and figure out how it is working together.

Every time I make change a setting something ells brakes. Wireless all down now.


I got a commissioned Pineapple today. I had to remove the haserl and webif. Then install the newest versions to be able to connect to the Webif admin web page. Apon reboot all was A-OK still essid of Pineapple and stuff.

But then I set my laptop to bridge the wlan0 to eth0. Then I Used the "Admin Webpage" of Webif to set the lan to bridged and the ip of and netmask Then save and when I hit Apply channges... it all went down. Maybe I didn't let it sit long enough.... 5mins's ... but it was broadcasting a essid (OpenWrt3) again before I puled the plug.

Apon reboot. The essid was nolonger Pineapple. The essid is was then OpenWrt3.... And, would not give an IP address to anything. (I have 3 wireless cards total. one rtl8187, rt73, intel WiFi 5300-- VM's and all)

So, I turned off. Held down the "Hardware Reset button" and powered on and bla bla reset it.

Apon reboot. Same gig

(though it did seem to reset because the Lan setting I had set up for the bridge were gone. {But will not Reset now})

But after clearing the bridged eth0. I can connect to the Fon with the ethernet. So, not bricked few...

So, wile looking at the wireless settings in the Webif Admin page... I figured I'd change the Wireless channels to USA. And turned off the duel-antenna thing(cant remember the setting name now) because it only has one antenna. (Figured maybe that could have been the problem)

Now, the Wireless is not even turning on.... Not the green hardware light, no essid.....

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OK, I'm a noob.

I had to just ifconfig wifi0 up. And then the big thing was to turn on DHCP for the "WAN".

That still makes no sents to me bacuse the V-interface is on "LAN"....

What ever though. I'm getting is all down now. I just needed to sleep.


I got everything working. So if your reading this and have the same problem check out the HowTo I wrote

HowTo- Internet Connection Sharing on "LINUX"


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