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Portable apps and Live Disks


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i am currently working on a project of a live disk full of portable apps. the basics are to create an .iso file that can be mounted virtualy or burned to a disk. i want to use this to save on a server that has a bunch of utilities on it so i can mount it when need be and un-mount when its not needed. first off i get the applications that i need and then install them then i follow the guide on this website (http://tech-moron.blogspot.com/2006/11/por...plications.html) download the file and run then i add the files to the .iso file. that much works great. so i made the autorun.inf file and inside i wrote [autorun] open= filename.exe. and when mounted it would automaticly open the app.

now my next step is to make the auto run open multiple files when the disk is loaded. then i wnet back into the autorun.inf file and added another string so that it looked like this. [autorun] open= filename.exe open= filename.exe

this did not work it would still only launch the first app. so then i went to google to find out what i was doing wrong to no avail. then i decided to make a batch file and have the auto run run that but that did not work either. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

bellow i have added the files to add to the directory to make the apps portable.


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FYou would be much better off putting the apps on a usb stick. As to making applications portable all depends on the application, vmware has a great tool for making apps portable that require registry entries and dependencies.

I used to use a small utility called pstart for organising my usb apps so you may want to look into that.

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thanks for the advice i will look into that. the only reason i want to do the iso is cause then all i have to do is remote into the system where as if i use a usb then i have to be there physically, unless i leave it plugged in which may be a possibility.

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