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hak5.org/forums NOT Working Correctly


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I quite possibly could just be a dumbass.... However, 9/10 times I try to look at the thread.

USB Pocket-Knife Development site:hak5.org

It will not show the thread-page number at the top. It dose at the bottom though. However, It only says it has 8 page BUT when it is working it REALLY has 40 pages. When it only shows the page#'s at the bottom of the tread it will only show the First post. Then if I click on the page#'s at the bottom . . It still only shows the First Post. If I click on one of the "Links" to one of the replies it will show the "First" post &/or Just the posted-response of the post that I clicked on.

In short It will not let me search the thread.


I have this problem in. . .

My Host OS Archlinux in Firefox and Konqeror

Guest VirtualBox XP sp3 OS. Firefox

Guest VirtualBox Win7 OS. Firefox

Guest VirtualBox WinServer 2008. in Firefox

Guest VirtualBox OpenSUSE firefox and Konqeror


I have this problem going through my SSH account, Not going though the SSH account, On My WiFi, On my Nabers WiFi, ON the coffee shop WiFi...... Blocking Scripts... Not blocking Scripts,... Cookies ON/Off.....


Let me know if you need any more Info. I know this must sound vary strange.... Or not ? is this a known problem?

Is something crazy going on like the NSA attacking it and the 8 page version is some Backup of the Thread that still works??? Na, na.. But really what is going On? I think there is a 9/10 chance I am a dumbass....


I guess I am a dumbass. I seem to only have the problem in Firefox and Not in IE.

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