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I was wondering what wids (wireless intrusion detection system) you guys use?(ubuntu)

for the moment i'm using the autoscan network scanner that have's a ids integrated,

but it sometimes fails on me giving me a categ_scan_plage error.

Cant find a fix for it..


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c0r, you can always use kismet as a IDS.

Provides stateful and stateless intrusion detection on layers 2 and 3. Kismet can send information to snort for further analysis as well. It's free, open source and has a huge user base for support.

Kismet includes IDS functionality, providing a stateless and stateful

IDS for layer 2 and layer 3 wireless attacks. Kismet can alert on

fingerprints (specific single-packet attacks) and trends (unusual

probes, disassociation floods, etc).

Anyway checkout section 12 in their documentation. http://www.kismetwireless.net/documentation.shtml

Hope this helps.

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