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Johnny Long and Hackers for Charity need training videos


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Johnny Long posted this on Hackers for Charity blog.


"As many of you know from our previous posts, we’re opening an Internet cafe and a training center. We’re really short staffed, and although it would be great to have trainers, it’s easier (for now) to set up CBT and video training stations.These training stations will give us a stream of sustainable income for our organization and also provide a much-needed training opportunity to help locals get a leg up on poverty.

There’s a ton of really good computer training courses on the Internet, and I want to try to get as many as I can for our opening in February. Our first focus is on free training courses, but with our bandwidth, I can’t run them from the Internet. I need to have them copied and mailed to us.

That’s where you can help. What I need is for a small army of people to swarm the net in search of training courses (Office, Graphics packages, just about anything)."

More info at original link, again: http://www.hackersforcharity.org/long-jour...-video-content/

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