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Android Forensics


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AFT is an the opensource android forensics toolkit, the main goal of aft is to provide a tool for analysing data from android phones. AFT is in its alfa stages and is simply a linux shell script that will extract and parse data from application databases and preferences files.

AFT (alpha) is run from the android device and will only function on a rooted device. The script is quite brief and the current features are limited but I just wanted to get the word out there to see if anyone can contribute.

Current Features include :

Copy all data directories to sdcard

Password Recovery: eBuddy, Android Browser. Dolphin Browser, Password Hashes, Hi Aim, Hi Yahoo, Hi Msn

Future Features and Ideas:

Run script from pc using the adb shell

Image the device and sdcard

txt and html reporting

Android Hosts

Contacts extraction

SMS Extraction

Here’s the script: http://www.jakej.co.uk/aft/aft.sh

Check out my Site at http://www.jakej.co.uk

I appreciate any ideas and contributions

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We have just added you to special "Android" usergroup. Simply log out and log in and you will see hidden forum visible only to "Android" group members:

" Android Developer Challenge Group

Private Challenge Group"

Under the "gPhone/Android".

Good to have you on board

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