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exe to AHK


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i was hoping to get a few ideas or suggestions on the matter.

With ahk files when you compile them you can make them with a password. But when they are executed as an exe, they are of course loaded into memory, and are then executed. As with all exe processes.

My one question is does anyone know of a program or memory scanner where i could use it to get the data from memory.

Ta. Or if anyone has other ideas, feel free to contribute.

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interesting ? you got the exe I cna poke with ?? I need help with one of my projects a fully automated mass uninstaller

idea being you run it walk away and everything is uninstalled you put on the list :) not needing to know the options etc it would do things like not reboot and try to select the right stuff to click :P

pm me if you any good at it ..

; Control Spy - Written by A.N.Suresh Kumar AKA Goyyah / 25-Aug-2006 / Version ??????
AutoTrim, OFF
FileDelete, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
WinGet, Clist, ControlList, ahk_id %ID%
WinGetTitle, Title, ahk_id %ID%
WinGetClass, Class, ahk_id %ID%
FileAppend, %Title% [Class:%Class%]`n, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
FileAppend,---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------`n, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
FileAppend,Sl   c_Hwnd       ClassNN                                  Control Text (40 Characters only)       `n, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
FileAppend,---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------`n, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt

Loop, Parse, CList, `n
ControlGet,cHwnd, Hwnd,, %A_LoopField%, ahk_id %ID%
ControlGetText,cText,, ahk_id %cHwnd%
StringReplace,cText,cText, `n, % Chr(32), All
StringReplace,cText,cText, `r, % Chr(32), All
Clis = % Clis "`n"  SetWidth(A_Index,3) ". " SetWidth(cHwnd,12) " " SetWidth(A_LoopField,40) " " Ctext

FileAppend, %Clis%`n, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
FileAppend,---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------`n, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
FileAppend,* Control Spy * By Goyyah, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
FileRead, Report, %A_Temp%\ControlList.txt
Gui,Font, s9, Courier New
Gui,Add,Edit, w740 h540 , % Report
Gui,Add,Button, x600 gGuiClose w140 , &Copy to Clipboard
Send, {Home} 

Clipboard= % "[code]`n" Report "`n/[code]"

SetWidth(Str,Width) {
Loop {
If (StrLen(Str)>=Width)
   Str= % Str Chr(32)
}  Return Str

SoundPlay, %A_WinDir%\Media\ding.wav

;'ControlClick, OK, Some Window Title ; Clicks the OK button
ControlClick, *ext*, BlackBerry Desktop Software 4.6 - InstallShield Wizard

SoundPlay, %A_WinDir%\Media\ding.wav

SetTitleMatchMode RegEx

;set main window title
WinGetActiveTitle, main1

; check for main window 
;IfWinNotActive %main1% 
;msgbox, startclicking

SoundPlay, %A_WinDir%\Media\ding.wav

SetTitleMatchMode RegEx

;ControlClick, .*move.*,.*
;ControlClick, *[N|n]ext.*,.*
;ControlClick, *[O|o][K|k].Yes,.*
ControlClick, Yes,.*

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