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Autorun Strange Issue


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I have been using my own switchblade mod (based on the original) since 2006, always on 512mb U3 Sandisk Cruzer drives. As designed, I would insert the drive, wait @ 30 seconds and everything ran perfectly. Life was good until I could no longer find 512mb drives.

I have now moved to using 2GB drives and have run into a problem. When I insert the drive into a new computer for the first time, it detects hardware and sets up with no errors. The CD and Flash drive show up in My Computer. The problem is that Autorun never happens. Now, if I remove and re-install the drive in the same computer, the Autorun works perfectly, just like it used to on the 512mb drives. I am using the Universal Customizer to load the same Autorun.inf and Go.vbe that I have always used.

Has anyone run into this problem on larger drives or have any idea what gives? Why can't I get the 2GB drives to work on first install like the 512mb drives used to? All help is greatly appreciated.

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Well, I have found the issue and thought I would post the fix in case anyone else comes across the same problem. As I mentioned above, I had set everything up back in 2006 and it hasn't changed much since. As such, I was using the original .ISO file I created back then which hadn't changed at all.

Long story short, I ran ISOCreate.cmd in the Universal_Customizer folder to re-create the .ISO and now everything works perfectly. It seems odd it was the .ISO since the autorun worked on the second insertion but not the first. Anyway....problem resolved!

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