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Xbox 360 Mod NAT Dorms


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I couldnt find any post about this so if there is I'm sorry. This is also my first post on the hax5 forums w00t. I love the show. Anyhow, I'm currently living in the dorms i would like to be able to play some halo3 with some friends in the dorms. This is not currently possible because the correct ports have not and will not be opened. I was wondering if there was anyway to redirect the ports or proxy around this. However i would like to avoid getting my xbox 360 console banned ect. Just kinda throwing the idea out there wondering if there are any solutions.

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It starts with 10 so i believe correct me if I'm wrong its private ip.

Yep, private IP address. While it is still possible to perform port forwarding, each port can only be forwarded once per public facing IP address, only the administrator of the network can do this.

The work around for this would be to use a VPN, except that will cause additional latency in games and requires a external computer to VPN to.

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