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Having a FON control an Arduino through serial


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Here's an example of what I am looking to accomplish. Let's say I have an Arduino with two LEDs. I wire the Arduino to a FON through the FON's serial port. I would like to control turning on an off the LEDs from a web page on the FON. I am thinking about putting DD-WRT on the FON. Then let's say the default web page of the server will have two buttons to turn on and off each LED. I am not sure what to do on the web server side - how to get the web page button click to a serial command to send to the Arduino.

I am making a custom LED controller for my motorcycle. I plan on using an Arduino with many RGB LEDs interfaced through some TLC5947 chips. The Arduino forums have plenty of information on how to wire this and code it. While researching what I could do with the Aduino I noticed there is web server code for it. That got me thinking about controlling it through the web. However, being only a 16mhz device I could see serving up web pages could disrupt the timing of animations. So I would like to off load the web serving. DD-WRT was my first thought. Then I remembered the FON has a serial port available. The FON would be perfect since I plan on powering the system with a 6V battery so I don't accidentally drain the bike's battery.

I am going to use it as a social experiment when I go to motorcycle shows. I'll take bets with my friends on what color the bike will end up at :) Another thing I am not sure how to do is have it so when someone connects to the access point that it will have a browser start to the web page on the server.

Does anyone know the current draw in mah the FON uses? I am looking at my powering options. I think a large RC car battery will be good. If I have to I will use a 12V pocket bike battery and wire it in parallel with my bike's battery with a switch to disconnect it. That way I can have the bike's alternator charge the battery.

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