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Enabling a Samsung 360 LCD TV to play .JPG, .MP3


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So, I recently bought a Samsung LN32B360 LCD television for my bedroom. It has all of the standard connectivity, as well as a couple cool tricks like the VGA and USB2.0 connections. I also have a Samsung LN55B650 in another room, which is pretty much the same as the bedroom tv, but with 23 more inches of screen, a cool RSS content capability via wireless ethernet, and the feature in question, which is the USB 2.0 with .JPEG and .MP3 (and maybe .AVI?) capability. My smaller LN32B360 does have the USB 2.0 connectivity, but it does not have .JPEG or .MP3 capability, which I think is kind of silly. I would like to know if there is a way to enable my smaller tv to play those file types via USB2.0. I had a look at the circuitry hardware of both TV's, and they appear to have the same or similar form factor, except for the absence of the ethernet circuitry and a couple other small pieces of circuitry for other media connectivity (4 HMDI as opposed to 2 HMDI, side mounted RCA, etc.). I do not know if the smaller TV lacks the hardware to play JPEG, or if it just has a different set of software that wasn't made to play the JPEG files. As soon as i had my new 32" working, I checked for software updates, but after I had the software from Samsungs website loaded onto my usb drive, I found out that I already had the latest version of the software installed on my TV from the factory. Since I already had the USB drive out, and had some picture files on there, I decided to see if i could get the TV to play the pictures, but no dice. So, does anyone know of any software out there that I can use to update my current software that will enable my TV to play the JPEGS? I honestly will probably not even use the feature more than a few times just to try it out, but I think that is the hardware is already in place, and the software obviously exists since i have it on my other samsung TV, then my smaller TV should be able to play JPEG's. Could I possibly download the software update for my larger tv (which does have JPEG capability) and flash my smaller tv with that software?

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