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ESXi: Smoothwall & Server 2003 w/ VPN?


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Note: Got it figured out. I was working on it at 4am and was over-thinking things when I initially posted this.

I've been working with ESXi 4.0 lately and have my domain controller setup running Server 2003 on one of the VM's. Actually, it's running AD, DNS, VPN & RRAS. I've been looking at running Smoothwall as another VM on the system. However, I'm trying to wrap my head around exactly how I'd need to setup the routing for 2003 server & smoothwall to play nice while running a VPN.

It's be doable with a vSwitch unbound to a physical adapter and then adding a 2nd virtual NIC to each respective VM. Basically, just creating a vlan for it.

Just curious if anyone has tried something similar and had any issues. TY~

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