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Firewire DMA


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In this article on endgadget they say that using the firewire's (actually not just firewire PCI-EXPRESS card's can also request DMA) DMA you can hack for example a windows pc that is locked. That's pretty awesome and wanted to ask you guys if you have more information about it.

From my point of view, using firewire is even more simple to copy a live image of the computer's memory than with a bootable usb or freezing the memory and it leaves no trace...

Awaiting your opinions on this matter.

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I like to think of the cold/warm boot technique as a 5 minute get-in, get-out operation - like what spies would use. The trouble isn't getting into the machine, it's getting what's important off of it. So I suppose this would be useful in some cases, such as if what information is needed is something that can be memorised or copied quickly then yes, by all means take the time to unlock it. Otherwise the sure-fire method is just to take the whole thing to run forensics on.


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