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Two copys of the same game on ONE computer.


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It really depends on the game... And the operating system. I shall assume windows XP.

For some games, but not many, you can have more than one installation.

As a general rule, anything that stores it's settings in the registry, or folders other than the installation folder itself, would be hard to have two installations of. If you manage to get two installations of the same game installed, you may find that you can't have different settings in each installation, or you may recieve erros whilst trying to run the game.

Another problem you have is that the installer for many games checks to see if the game is already installed. Some will fail at that point, others will give you the option to uninstall, repair or modify the installation of the game.

Out of interest: why would you want to do this? And what game (if any) would you want to do it with?

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