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Campus Netcat Fun


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Hey guys.

I'm living in accomodation on my uni campus and they charge us $20 a month for 1.5 Gig and a further $20 for each gig over that. Until just recently there was a loop hole. The network was configured like this:

Accomodation Accounting Proxy -------------- Accomodation subnet


Accomodation Router


Uni Proxy



The subnet uses dhcp but you could just put in the Accomodation Router as a static gateway.

They have since patched the hole.

Being a computing student I have access to the School of Computing unix server.

First thing I did was determine that I could get proxy access with Links. All well and good.

I then set up Xming on my desktop and used putty to send my X desktop to my windows machine.

This works well except for larger downloads as I only have about 20 MB on my unix share and cannot mount a samba share or a ftp share.

My next step was to get my larger downloads with Wget and set the output -O switch to a named pipe (read fifo) which I tunneled through netcat (had to listen on my desktop as I cant connect to netcat on the unix box) to another netcat server on my desktop piping the output to file. Yay, now I can download hak5 from my desktop again...

The next stage is to set up a persistant netcat tunnel between the unix server and my desktop so I can connect to the proxy through the tunnel as if I was connecting direct from my desktop.

-- Your friendly neighbourhood aussieklutz

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