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MD5 Hash


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Hello guys i have a problem and i need some guidance and help,

On Sunday i decided it would be a good idea if i encrypted my important data using true crypt and the password that i had set, has been HASHED to MD5 and i deleted the plain text password. i thought i would give my self a challenge to crack the password and then i can decrypt my files.

But ...... boy was i wrong. the password i had set contains 10 chars lowercase alpha + 2 digits total length = 12 and then hashed it to md5

According to my calculations i have generated a password which is:-

Possible combinations to the power of the length aka

P ^ L

alpha lower case =26 + digits = 10 = 36

36 ^ 12

length of the password = 12

all possible combinations 36 ^ 12 = 4738381338321616896

and i atm can crack at 2000 million md5 hashes a second using my GPU :P

4738381338321616896 / 2000,000,000 = 2369190669.160808448 seconds

2369190669.160808448 / 60 = 39486511.1526801408 mins

39486511.1526801408 / 60 = 658108.51921133568 hours

658108.51921133568 / 24 =27421.18830047232 days

27421.18830047232 / 7 = 3917.3126143531885714285714285714 weeks

3917.3126143531885714285714285714 / 52 =75.332934891407472527472527472527 years

75 years to crack /cry

Thanks to HAK5 episode 419 where Darren shows how to use BarsWF but my processor can only do about 150 million hashes per second. But i had a ati card so i couldn’t use My gpu with this program so i did some searching and found one which supports ati cards u can get it from here http://golubev.com/hashgpu.htm

So what do i need :)

1) guys can you please check my calculations and tell me that they are correct ( i really wish i am wrong cant w8 75 years).

2) i have been reading up on rainbow tables and i really dont get the chain length and chain count and how many tables should i generate. if i wish to generate rainbow tables which can crack Md5 hashes between 8-12 chars long with alpha and digits, what sort of sizes am i looking at and how do i calculate the chain length and chain count and how do i determine how many tables should i have been to this site which calculates rainbow tables but i didn’t understand a thing http://www.insidepro.com/rainbow.php#

3) i have 4 computers at home and they have NVIDIA and ati cards installed on them + they all have quad cores. I wish to make a massive supercomputer out of them where both the cpus and gpus are being used and i can control them all form 1 computer :P

is there any such software out there ? if not where do i begin if i wish to program one my self :P i am good c++ programmer :P

Please point me in the right directions.

if u guys don’t understand any thing that i have said i will be more then happy to explain further. (Just don’t ask what was going through my mind when i did all this :P)



+ i have attached a pic of my current efforts trying to brute force the hash

btw this is the hash i am trying to crack 6d4d9935f2cbb3021cd22464fdc9bb1c


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