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Crazy idea for iPod TV-out app

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Hey, I'm kinda new to the forum, but I've been watching the show since Hak 5 was picked up on Rev3.

I had this idea when the new MacBook Pro came out with a Display Port output, but had no way to convert the signal into composite without adapter chaining. Being both cheap and a mediaphile, that didn't sit well with me. But then I remembered, My iPod touch has a composite out, and it could access Orb through the internet, which could sync up with a virtual webcam mirroring my desktop. Add in a 3.5 to RCA adapter, and we're golden, right?

Naturally, like most "good" ideas, I found some holes in it pretty fast, the fact that if I want to play Hulu, or Boxee over this crazy connection, it would be downloading high res video in fullscreen , then uploading the video through Orb, then re-downloading the same video onto the ipod, and finally making it to the TV. Lag, quality, bandwidth, all of it makes this solution somewhat out of the question.

Which leads me to Operation Overcomplicate.

My idea was to come up with some way to stream video (audio is optional) from the whatever's on the screen/soundcard over USB (VLC, or a VNC perhaps?).

Then, create an iPod app that utilizes MPTVOutWindow to read said stream (with a cool name).

And finally, try and do this without impacting quality, and overtly using bandwidth. With no idea how to program any of this.

Any of you guys who've been at this for a while got any advice? Or if you wanted to toss some ideas, I couldn't start working on this until I got a new laptop, which started this whole thing in the first place. So, yeah...

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