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Help with ICS

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Like a lot of other people in the forums, after following http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/Internet_Connect...mit_Der_Jasager and changing the fon ip address to as well as setting up a static IP on my computer's NIC, I am no longer able to connect to the FON.

Now I would love some help and support to get this working.

I would also like an answer to this question as it may help me solve this problem:

digininja (im naming him because he knows what he is talking about) says in some other forms that when you go to webif and set the FON to DHCP that it is setup to look for an ip address from a dhcp server. This is correct (of course) because when I plug the FON into another router (linksys) I get an ip address for the FON (not, i get 192.168.1.xxx) On the webif site it says that the is optional as it will only be used if it is unable to find a dhcp server. So why do we need a dhcp server?

My thinking must be all wrong, please help.

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