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XXSlurp is a file slurping program that can be operated on Windows 98 and up. It is not tied down to command line tools in Windows like XCOPY or ROBOCOPY, and as such it is much more portable. XXSlurp uses XXCOPY to slurp files. XXCOPY is an extremely robust command line file copier/synchronizer that lacks all of the problems of native Windows tools, and it happens to be very flexible in it's method of copying files.

XXSlurp can be run in two ways. You can run the program and specify what files to slurp and it will begin to copy these files to your removable storage, or you can use the Auto-Slurp BAT Creator to create a batch script that, when run, will automatically slurp specified files from a specified location without requiring user input.

XXSlurp can slurp files of any extension from any location.

It can be downloaded from here (README is included):


VirusTotal Results (0/40):





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Sorry for the delay! XXSlurp v1.1 is now out. Now it is portable, and no longer requires an installation the first time it is run.

It can be downloaded from here (README is included):


VirusTotal Results (1/41):


Things I'm looking at in the future:

*Allowing more than 8 extensions per run.

*Archiving/Encryption of slurped files.

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