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Hak5 on Wuala P2P

Mike Chelen

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Uploaded seasons 1-3 of Hak5 to the Wuala P2P filesharing service: http://www.wuala.com/Creative%20Commons/videos/Hak5/

They use a modified version of the BitTorrent protocol, which works through a web-based or standalone Java client.

Videos can be streamed over the P2P network into any player:


File system integration lets the directories and files be accessed through regular file managers in any OS:


Now in the process of uploading season 4, they give you 1gb free and you get more by sharing space on your hard drive, so if anyone wants to help upload recent eps it would be appreciated :)

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Besides the Hak5-Video-Folder in the CC-Group there is also the Group "HakStalkers" where all of you is invited.

The new Hak5 Episode (7x18) has an Segment about Wuala for those who are interested.

btw: The Hak5 Video folder (also linked in the HakStalkers-Group) will be continuous updated

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