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Wired LAN Injection


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I was checking the latest HAK5 episode and Darren was talking about the Wireless Injection Sotware AirPwn. and I was wondering if there is a version of this software or another software which could do the same thing but on a Wired LAN Network.

I handle an institutes Network where computer students are in abundance. and they love to try to bypass the forbidden zones like watching Porn and stuff... Doesn't matter how much I try to bann them they find a backup way to get access to them.. So Iwas wondering if I could do injection so whenever they try to access a Pornographic site they receive a massage telling them that this site contain adult material and are they sure they want to access them..because they are not kids and I believe in right of freedom, I just want them to take some responsibility of there actions and do whatever they want 'cause I have other stuff to do and I can't just stay at the system monitring there every move.



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You could always use ettercap in bridge mode between the switch from the lab and the rest of the network, you would have to write your own filters or plug ins and you would need to make sure the machine running it was capable of running processing the packets fast enough so that it doesn't slow down the network.

Of course the real problem you will have is identifying if the page/file they are downloading should trigger the message. If they are using encryption then looking at the content of the page is very difficult, so you are just left with the contents of the packet's headers to make your decision on and if that is the case then you might as well just run a firewall blocking access to those IP addresses and save yourself the hassle of injecting packets.

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