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Why the fuck are most of you dicks? I've been lurking this site for the past year now and I've learned quite alot from all of you. But one of you idiots caught my attention, already guessed who? Yep, moonlit. I mean what the fuck is up with him? All his fucking posts have either "fuck", "skiddie" or "I don't usually feel the need to be this much of an asshole about topics but this is a really really bad idea." Seriously.. Don't believe me? Take a look: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showuser=514 Just go there and hit "Posts". You'd be amazed.. or probably not since he bitches all around the site, you're bound to see him bitch sooner or later. Sometimes I wonder if he's just really a chick with severe PMS or something.

So now onto the question, why? Why are you such a dick, Moonlit? Did your mother hit you as a child? Did your dad fondle with your genitals as a kid? Come on.. You can tell us.. Its not like you forgot, you were 13 last year. How the fuck can you forget?

Also Mister Dingle Berries, I really like you, so believe me when I tell you it hurts when I see you agreeing with Moondick. Just cause he has red shiny letters under his name doesn't mean crap. You can stop agreeing with him. Hahaha and don't say "I don't agree with him! I just really really have that opinion" Cause we all know its bullshit. I'm surprised the real admins (Yes Moondick, you aren't real. Get the fuck off your pedestal) don't intervene with all the shit Moonlit makes when he is bitching. They're probably just laughing their asses off or something.

Also, what the fuck is up with the "Skiddie" crap? This goes to all you fuckers. I mean most of you are SiDs (Skiddies in Disguise), and don't go denying it. Okay look, here's a little test: Have you every downloaded Switchblade? .. Yes? There you go you fuck. Everyone had to start somewhere! Most of you fucks started as skiddies.. Don't remember? .. Go on, reminisce, I'll wait... Done so soon? Probably because you were just one a couple of days ago, right? Aww come on! You don't have to lie to make friends! Or maybe you do, since your fucking life is as interesting as reading Moondick's posts.

That's it. Hopefully You faggots learned something today. Now I'ma go.. BRB BAN :lol:

- Hipr

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