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hi all^_^ im new here...


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hi all guys...nc to meat u ol^_^

I'm looking for someone who can help me for the problem of two of my friends....hmmmm

the problems of these two girls and that have forgotten their password and their secret question, and so they fail to log in Yahoo Messenger....hmmm i try use Brutus AET2 to recover they password but i not have time to create of millions of Password or study more about this program because I'm very busy at work, then i do not have enough time for these things...if you help me, you really do a great favor for me or they...hmmm

These are their email yahoo:

1st user: and now she use this yahoo account:

2nd user: and and now she use this yahoo account:

...i really like help this to of my friends because they are very desperate.

...advance tnx who help me or try to help me....

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