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some problem that i don't understand with switchblade


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1. when i double click 'SBConfig-V2.0.18.exe' to setup setting, it include hacksaw setup..actually i made a guess that hacksaw will steal some information and send to email that has been set...is it right??i don't receive any email regarding this information..how can i know SMTP server and SMTP port..what should i fill there?? also what is the function of external ip url??what i should fill in there too??

2. is the dump messenger password work?? i have try up to 4 pc, but the Dump messenger PW, Dump IE PW, Dump Cache and Dump LSA secrets fail to show any result..dump meessenger PW is for MSN or yahoo??

3. anyone can come up with simple way to convert the "Key (Hex)" tosomething that i can understand??

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