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Why Macbooks (Pros) ?


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Im a newb, and this is my fist post. I have Macbook pro, but I've just installed Fedora on an old P4 Dell I had. I've noticed all the great links in the 'New to Hacking' post, and will take time to absorb the information therein, but in the mean time, Im wondering why I see so many Macbooks in your "HackPack"s; and, whether it was necessary for me to install Fedora in the first place, to learn about hacking. Is OSX a better platform, and why if so?

Im not a malicious individual, I just want to understand how networks function, and how simple networks might be exploited, out of a curiosity I hope many of you will understand.

Thanks for your help.


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I chose my MB Brick for the battery life, LED screen, and Nvidia Geforce 9400M.

Mainly the battery life though.

OS X is still proprietary, and it lacks customizability. I'll take Unix[like] over any other platform however, I'm a Slackware/Arch Linux user.

Linux isn't necessary to learn about hacking in any form, unless you want to learn about *nix environments, but it's a good step to take towards understanding systems.

Hacking for Dummies, Grey Hat Hacking, Hacking: The Art of Exploration, and anything from textfiles.com is a great place to check out for information on networking, security, and technology related subjects.

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