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Ive read and heard a little about the massive amount of computational power built into GPU's and how there are now api's out to process data with them.

My question is what makes the GPU faster then the CPU. And can an OS or VM be loaded entirely into a GPU and effectively bypass the CPU?

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GPUs are highly parallel, something that is operating systems and the applications that they run are not. Because of having lots of core, each core is actually quite slow, but its the fact that you have lots of them that makes the card very fast.

Also the cores are heavily specialized to certain mathematical calculations and memory access, generally OS and most applications don't make of this because they do lots of other things.

Because of the complete different architecture, your only option if you were desperate to do this would be linux or bsd as you would need to make some serious changes to the kernel, then you would have to change any application so it could run on it as well. It'd also be really slow, so stick to your normal CPU, and keep your GPU rendering video or your games, this it is fast at.

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