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hackblade modification help!!!!


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i want to run hackblade with 2 flash drives

a. my hacksaw flash drive (that will install the sb.exe process and all)

b. any other flash drives that connect to the computer.

after i have inserted the hacksaw flash drive and it has installed as normal, i want to modify it so when flash drive B is inserted(doesnt contain a specified .txt file), sb.exe detects it and runs, but i dont want it to email the files at all, instead i want it to just dump all the files locally to a hidden location until later specified.

then when i plugin my flash drive A, the sb.exe detects that its the hacksaw flash drive (by just detecting if a certain .txt file exists on the root) and then instead of copying all the files from the flash drive to the computer, i want it to run a process that instead dumps everything from the local computer back to my flash drive.

edit: im pretty sure thats what the original usbdump does, but i couldnt figure out how to configure it, and i couldnt find an .exe for usbdump 2.2

EDITx2: or it would even be more awesome that it does both the dumping to local script and the email service, basically removing the cleanup process that deletes the files after emailing, but still having it detect my flash drive as different and dump the local files to my flash drive

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This is what I can try to decipher from the jargon you spat onto the interwebs.

Flash Drive A: Contains in the root Special.txt that some program(thats running) will notice and and copy the files.

So flash drive A is where the payload is...

Flash Drive B: Some random user inserts flash drive and it slurps everything...

May want to take a look at the pyhton script in the Slurper post and modify it to fit your needs, ie make it run at all times and scan what ever drive letter the flash drive is. The put it on flash drive A to copy all the files.

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It's not difficult to program an app to do the next:

a) Testing the serial number of the inserted USB (to not have to test for a concrete drive letter)

B) If it fits with a given list, do some code (as nothing by example)

c) If it doesn't fit with a given list, do some else code, as slurping the contents or creatting a perfect copy of the hardware (dd copy), or spreading some code inside the usb, or infecting something, or pushing the nuclear red button!!!

It's only an idea, but factible. The only you have to do is programming it :lol:

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