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Personal Web Server Question


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Let's say I want to run my own personal web page form my own server at home. One that only about a dozen people will ever visit at a time. However I want to use as little electricity as possible and I don't want to use one of my current machines on my network. Are than any low voltage embedded solutions on the market I could use?

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You can cheap dell optiplex's from www.propetyroom.com

and run apache off of it.

If anything I would buy a bigger harddrive and put all my files(music, vidoes, pics) on there. So then you can FTP to it from anywhere in the world and get your files.

you can also format your computer and they will always be there.

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Well as far as file backup and ftp (I have been using the Hawking HMPS1U print server as an ftp device to flash media storage) solutions I already have those covered. The original idea was to make a very small forum on there that is only accessible to me and a few friends as apposed to joining a larger community. Also I was wanting one just to play with web development in general. Been thinking about trying to make a MUD too. Plus, the smaller the better. I am slowly burying myself in electronics and my personal collections of different sorts.

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