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Stealing and rebroadcasting RFID


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So recently I made a 32bit RFID door unlocker for my car...

worked well... hmm i'm able to read some friend's work RFID tags, and I had them displaying on a b/w lcd screen.

>.> looking for a way to broadcast fake RFID tags on the LF spectrum... anyone know? (obviously an active changeable tag)

(i think it would b cool to put the rfid reader under one gloove, and an LCD screen on the other side. Then i could scan ppl's rfid then scroll through and pick the one I want to use)



just ordered this para int LCD display to go along with some black gloves =p


does anyone know if all RFID readers emulate magnetic strip output? (all the ones i've found does emulation so that companies don't need to rewrite programming for their scanners).. i could just do some BIG time research and get some buds to make an rfid broadcaster... (sounds like a few months of work, so i'm looking for a finished product)

</3 magnetic strip reader emulation! </3 char buffers =P

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