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Email Alert lights


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So if you hurry you can get a set of USB siren lamps on http://woot.com I plan on making these go off when I get a specific email or from a specific person. Does anyone have any ideas of a USB controller capable of such mod? I remember seeing the Gmail secondlife cube located here however powering this might be a small challenge let alone the code to make it work.

I guess I will find out when I get the lamps. Any other ideas?

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Well i dont know for sure what your doing but if you have Thunderbird then you can install an addon to launch an a program if you get an email within a certain filter such as who sent it or what the email says. I dont know if this is what you wanted but here is a link to how to do it remote shutdown....just follow this guide but have it launch what ever program makes the lights go off, if im trying to grasp what your trying to do correctly! haha sorry if im not

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I had a laptop setup once that had good loud speakers, I had it poll my email account and use text-to-speech to announce when an email arrives, so it would speak to me "New email for Mat arrived, from viagraSalesman01. Message subject is: Get some now." or whatever it may be.

This would go off whenever the mail arrived and was quite fun for a while.

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