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Matrix Alarm Clock... for the complete noob


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mmk. heres something i threw together and and use all the time. thought id share for those who havent done this yet. mmk. all ive done is write a little wsh script and threw it in scheduled task. so heres how you do this.

matrix alarm clock files

step 1. download the zip folder. unzip and save the temp folder to your c drive.

step 2. open my computer then open your c drive. find your temp folder and then find your files. right click the matrix.vbs file and click edit. scroll to the last few lines of code and enter your own text where specified. now right click the matrix.bat and click send to and make a shortcut on the desktop.

step 3. now you can edit your shortcut to show whatever icon you want and you can edit the settings by right clicking the shortcut and going into properties . this allows you to make the command prompt window Full screen.

step 4. take this shortcut and place it, along with an mp3 of your favorite song in your scheduled task (found in start menu/accessories/ system tools) set the time for the mp3 to go off 1 minute after the matrix.bat shortcut. and presto! matrix alarm clock.

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