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EEE PC 1000H or AAO??


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hi guys i intend to buy an EEE pc 1000h its for programming, C++, VB and maybe one or 2 more programming language.

Question: do you think it will run smoothly??

Wat i intend to run:

The programming language i have mentioned

Some dvd movies

Web Surfing


Basic application(messenger, photo uploading)

here is the link for some reference.


Just give me your honest opinion. All opinion are strongly welcome ^^

Thanks in advance Hak5 bros and sis



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Neither if you want to watch DVDs on it as neither have optical drives.

To be honest is this going to be a main computer for you? If it is then go and buy a cheap 15.4" laptop, you will get more use out of it and find it a lot easier to work on for extended periods of time. If its not and you'll only be using for a couple of hours maximum then get the Acer, its cheaper, simply, or if you really want the best the Samsung NC10 i believe is for price and features.

Also if that link is to what i think it is, then its a load of crap from asus, never let a company who you are thinking of buying a product from do the comparison to the market for you.

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hmmm i will be watching DVD from my external hard drive, and for the main pc anot, depends, but i am sure that i will do alot of programming in my netbook(still not sure which to get yet) so programming part will belong to the netbook.


my budget is 800SGD


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Ok, so around..

523.6976 U.S. dollars =)

Yes, this computer will meet the requirements you posted.

But as said, you either need a external optical drive or just rip the DVDs.

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