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Proxy or VPN?


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Basically the same as the title. I'm looking for the best way to be invisible on the net, or... make anything that can link to me invisible. VPN or Proxy? Whichever, i'd appreciate a short (or long) explanation of why you choose VPN or Proxy.

tyvm =D

p.s. i posted this in the other forum, it is my mistake plz delete the other one =D

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Well they are very different and each have their own uses, advantages and disadvantages. Not sure exactly what "I'm looking for the best way to be invisible on the net" means. Do you want to make is so people cannot track your browsing habits, or are you trying to communicate with other people and trade files with one another?

PROXY: Good for anonymous surfing, but is not 100% fool proof

VPN: Highly encrypted private network that only people you know can access (wont help you surf the internet)

Note: these two technologies can be combined and used together.

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