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StillFallin's WinXP USB LockOut


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Ok what this is and what this dose.

1) This is a way to add extra security to you computer and lock people you don't want in out.

2) This only runs on WinXp as far as i know i don't have Win Vista to test it on.

3) This is a set of files that is put on your PC that will auto run when you computer is turned on that will detect if there is a certain file on your USB Drive to allow you access to the computer.

What you need:

1) WinXP (Vista may work but not tested)

2) Any USB storage device.

3) http://stillfallin.com/USBHACKS/sFe-WINXP-USB-Safety.rar


Installing is easy and simple

1) Make sure you are the owner of the computer and you have administrator rights.

2) Make sure you read the readme file before installing.

3) Make your edits to the files specified in the readme file.

4) Run The Install.bat file

5) Add your custom named file to your USB Storage device


If anyone has any problems with this or if i messed anything up in the readme or misspellings or anything like that then let me know and i will do my best to fix and help out.


I am not and can not be held responsible if you lock your self out of your computer because you lost your USB Drive or for any other reason.

I personally use this same method on my computer and have been using it for almost 6 months now.

As far as i know no one else has ever done anything like this and if i am wrong then oh well because i though of and developed this whole method on my own.

Anyone may edit this and change things to there liking and may distribute it as they want as long as my readme file remains unedited unless edited by me.

Updates to this will be added as needed and all suggestions to better help this tool are always welcome.

I will try to respond to all questions and help threads as quick as possible.

You can email me at sfeadmin @ stillfallin.com with questions or anything else that you dont want to say in the forums.

With all that said Enjoy, Take Care and leave Feedback.

Best Regards,


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Pretty good, easy to read and well commented. I do not have a windows box to try it out on, so my only concerns are:

Repeatedly Pressing Alt+f4 OR CTRL+C to stop the command from running.

Maybe adding a regedit to autostart this:

Disabling Ctrl, ALT, Del, F4, Tab

i don't think that there is enough time to make it stop running using ctrl+alt+del as for it runs right away when the pc starts and its pretty fast. about 5 seconds and its done.

as far as the other ways to try to make it stop i will look into them here shortly

but the only thing i see bad about disabling that stuff is re enabling it.

and it be disabled for a time period and then re enabled?

or are there commands for dos that will disable the keyboard and mouse and then commands to reenable them

because then i could start the disable at the being of the script and then re enable at the end

i just don't like the fact of removing them commands permanently you know

other then that thanks for the reply

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Havent tried these but look legit

DisableInput.bat(HAS DEPENDENCIES)

Bear, ROAR, with me now im not sure if this will work but you can try:

RUNDLL32.EXE <dllname>,<entrypoint> <optional arguments>

@echo off
rundll32 keyboard disable
rundll32 mouse disable
::If all is good go to done and renable with
::I dont know if this works, search your hhd for where rundll is and cd there
::you need to reload it
%windir%\rundll32 keyboard reload
::then start it back up
%windir%\rundll32 keyboard add

Here is a forum post, but they are using a third party tool :/

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Here is one that just hides your mouse from you. I a small AutoIT script would work best for this.

nice find i like it and it works nice

seeing as how most would not be able to kill the task fast enough using just the keyboard i think this will solve all problems

also i will be testing the alt+f4 and the other command you had said here shortly just finishing up some work

but thanks for your help and once again nice find on the no mousy it works great for what need to be done.

i will update everything soon.

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