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Teraflop power on your desktop.


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Yesterday i looked at the nvidia tesla supercomputer and i found CUDA. CUDA allows you to do tasks on you graphics card, so basically it turns your graphics card into a GpGpu. It will work on 8400 gs and above cards i think. Programming in CUDA is very simple once you get the hang of it. It is the same as programming in c but with some twists. So i thought it would be cool to get 4 8800 gts graphics cards in my computer running CUDA cracking hashes or figuring out some increadibly complex problem. It can crack hashes possibly hundreds of times faster than your CPU could. This would be a great idea for a future project. Like a Hak5 Personal supercomputer for under $1000. I think there are options for a supercomputer for under $600, because there are 8800 gts graphics cards out there that costs about $100. So i guess everybody could have a supercomputer these days. Any ideas?


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