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Questions about college


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Okay so I've been looking around at computer majors and I think I've found one I would like to major in, System Administration/Computer Information specialist...

I have some questions about the major/college.

What are some good/cheap colleges that are out there for this major?

Is this a difficult major to go into?

Are there any good schools in the New York area?

Are there any schools that have sport programs as well as the major I am looking at?

What are some prices for these schools?

What is the average salary for this job if you are in the field? Ive researched about 60,000-100,000+ a year....

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you can find a school just about anywhere that will have a CIS program. as far as being difficult, that just depends on you. most of the CIS programs will lean toward Programing and not System administration. Starting out as a system admin, you probably will not see 60k+. You are looking at more like 40. I am not trying to discourage you though, always remember that when/if you are offered a position with a company anything is up for negotiation including salary, stock options, vacation, moving expenses ect...

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