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Backtrack 3 USB


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Hey guys,

I'm having a little trouble.. I recently downloaded the all new Backtrack 3, USB version, and put it on my 16GB drive, hoping to use it as a portable OS. I easily enough put it on the stick, and made it bootable, and all is good. Boots just fine, ignoring the HDD (with XP/Ubuntu).

HOWEVER.. one of my two problems is thus- for some reason, whenever attempting to type in a new window (any window) the instant I click a text box and begin typing, for some reason, it types in the run command box on the taskbar - and only in the box on taskbar. Remove the box, and no typing can be done at all. The only way to input text atm is copy/paste from that box! (little annoying)..

The second problem, is not really a 'problem' but, I was wandering if there is any way for BT Live OS to save it's state to the USB stick, as this is why it's on there in the first place - to be a portable OS. At the min, it reverts to original settings each time, which kind of defeats the object.

Any help would be muchly appreciated, thnx


Lovin' the Lust!

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